Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2 - Sure, It's Not The Beach, But At Least It's a Custom Shell!

Microsoft Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2

Summer is here, and while we can’t whisk you away to the beach, we can certainly assist with Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2 and Custom Shells. If you’re a Microsoft Windows user, you are aware that this Operating System uses the Windows Shell as its Shell – providing a desktop environment, start menu, and task bar – and is the graphical user interface for accessing the file management functions of the Microsoft Windows OS. The Windows Shell, as it is known today, is an evolution of what began with Windows 95. It is identified with File Explorer (explorer.exe), a Windows component that can browse the entire Shell namespace. Shell Launcher can be used to replace the default Windows 10 OS Shell with a Custom Shell. You can use almost any application or executable as your Custom Shell, such as a command window or a custom-dedicated application. In Windows 10 Shell Launcher v1, you can only specify a Windows Desktop application as the replacement Shell. Whereas in Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2 (Windows 10 version 1809 and above) – you can specify a (Universal Windows Platform) UWP app as the replacement Shell. Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2 replaces explorer.exe with customshellhost.exe. This new executable file can launch a Windows Desktop application or a UWP app.

Creating Custom Shells Using The 10ZiG UWF Wizard

In the VDI world and here at 10ZiG, we have the capabilities for – and education on – how to create Custom Shells for Windows 10 Thin Clients using the Universal Write Filter (UWF) Wizard. This is for 10ZiG Thin Clients and uses the UWF that comes as part of the Windows 10ZiG Client builds. In our “How-To Custom Shell Video Series,” we look at creating dedicated Custom Shells for Windows-based Thin Clients. Creating Custom Shells using the more recent Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2, gives us the ability to launch a user’s desktop to run a single application at login, so that end users get access to what they need, and nothing more. Shell Launcher v2 enables us to run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that can take advantage of secondary views and run on multiple monitors, if required. It also gives System Engineers and Administrators a more controlled and secure desktop environment to set up and manage. It is easily maintained, should the need to change applications for your end users comes up in the future. So whether you’re working, at the beach, or working at the beach (ha!), check out the video links below for tips, tricks, and Windows 10 Shell Launcher v2 Custom Shell training related to various protocols like Citrix, VMware, and more. It’s not a day-at-the-beach without a Custom Shell!



Using The UWF Wizard to Create a Secure Environment for 10ZiG Windows 10 Thin Clients

Creating a Dedicated Windows Virtual Desktop Custom Shell Using the 10ZiG UWF Wizard

(now known as Azure Windows Desktop)

Creating a Dedicated Citrix Custom Shell Using the 10ZiG UWF Wizard

Creating a Dedicated VMware Horizon Custom Shell Using the 10ZiG UWF Wizard

Creating a Dedicated Amazon Workspaces AWS Custom Shell Using the 10ZiG UWF Wizard

Creating a Dedicated HiveIO Custom Shell Using the 10ZiG UWF Wizard