The Wireless Thin Client; Why It Can Be A Really Good Fit, Literally…

Wireless Thin Client; Its Benefits Fit The Bill… And, More

As we know, a Thin Client is a lightweight, small piece of solid-state hardware designed for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. With these devices, everything in your desktop environment is stored on your server or data center, as they virtually replace individual PCs and their related individualized storage. The Thin Client is a low-cost, locked-down, small form factor device that saves energy and IT resources. Its management and deployments are easy and centralized via a software utility. Now, when a Thin Client comes with a wireless optional feature, a Wireless Thin Client … then, you have all of this and more.

When your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment offers a WiFi-based area network, the benefits of a Wireless Thin Client can truly be a perfect fit:

  • Fit for Logistics: Particular environments that are over-crowded or consist of cramped tight spaces, often with several required end users, find Wireless Thin Clients are just right for fit and logistics. The Thin Client remedies the space issue, but the Wireless Thin Client remedies it even more by not having the need for associated cabled wiring. “How do I get cable in there? is no longer an issue.
  • Fit for Cost: Not having to pay for labor and installation of wiring is definitely a great feature of “going” Wireless Thin Client. This can be a good fit for saving a tremendous amount of money and time, and sometimes frustration, while putting your budget into other efforts, like the Wireless Thin Clients themselves.
  • Fit for Tidiness: The Wireless Thin Client VDI environment offers the advantage of potential tidiness and cleanliness. Less hardware in general, and no wiring, does tend to keep things nice and fit. Virtual and wireless make a great combination for environmental appearance and space usage.
  • Fit for Speed: A Wireless Thin Client swaps out the traditional, more old school, hardwired, cabled workhouse for a modern, freeform, high-tech, fit for speed, power, and performance. With wireless, most of the time you’re up and running, fast and furious … full-speed ahead.
  • Fit for Security: The VDI Wireless Thin Client environment also offers top-notch security when done right. Be sure that authentication and encryption are configured for devices/users for restricting and securing your wireless network:
    • Use either WPA2 Personal (PSK–Pre-Shared Key) or WPA2 Enterprise if available, encrypting traffic using CCMP/AES where possible.
    • If wireless is used in an open or public space, be sure you are encrypting your VDI traffic using your chosen remoting protocol such as HDX/PCoIP/Blast Extreme/RDP.

Wireless Thin Clients; Fit Into Many Industries… Just Right

As mentioned, busy work environments can be are cramped, busy, and probably not going to be getting any bigger are very likely good considerations for Wireless Thin Clients. An example of this is the manufacturing industry environment; with one such example being Conestoga Wood Specialties in Pennsylvania. Their wood product manufacturer’s shop floor was all of the above things; and, dusty! Wanting to track the various processes and stages of their wood product cycles, they found that they needed to add devices on the shop floor, and PCs were simply not an option. They needed numerous workstations with end users that would report the various steps of their wood manufacturing process as needed. Thin Clients, in particular Wireless Thin Clients, were their solution. Durable and highly functional, no wiring, and everything stored in the server area … plus, endpoint trouble-shooting, firmware updates, management and deployments all done through a centralized management software utility, made the wood shop reporting system possible (read case study here). The health industry, hospitals; the education industry, classrooms and labs; the manufacturing industry, shop floors; and more … depend on Wireless Thin Clients as an option for their computing environments, so that patients can heal, students can learn, and products can be built in the most effective manner and the most efficient speed.

Wireless Thin Client; Working With The Right Vendor … Have You Met 10ZiG?

Wireless Thin Client or not, you’ll want to work with the right vendor when it comes to a good fit for Client devices and related supporting services. When researching vendors, look for experience, competitive pricing, fast and reliable devices, tech support that’s local to you, no charge for centralized management software, an advance exchange warranty, support for the latest protocols, custom-tailored solutions, and free demos. 10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in Thin Client & Zero Client endpoint devices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and VDI security. We have a diverse, cutting-edge line of Wireless Thin Clients that are powerful and reliable, with ample speed and proven performance.

10ZiG provides leading Intel & AMD based Clients for VMware Blast Extreme/PCoIP, Citrix HDX, Microsoft environments, and more, supporting Dual, Triple, and even Quad Screen. From low-level application task users to power users requiring HD Video/Audio, Flash/HTML5, video conferencing, 3D, CAD & 4K UHD resolutions. Free, no-obligation, endpoint Wireless Thin Client demo devices, technical support teams based in the U.S. and U.K., and “the 10ZiG Manager,” our exclusive centralized management software console with cloud capabilities, completely at no charge with unlimited user licenses supported, are all a part of 10ZiG. Get your free evaluation device today at