The 10ZiG Manager
Free. Easy To Use. Unlimited Users.

Thin Client & Zero Client Management Software

The 10ZiG Manager provides centralized ways to configure, maintain, control and even report from all 10ZiG PeakOS™ (Linux) and Windows based Thin and NOS™ (Zero) client devices for traditional managed networks. It is included FREE with purchase and supports unlimited user licenses.


The 10ZiG Manager has many features including:


Ease of Install

Implement and manage in less than an hour.


Centralized Management

A single manager server installation along with optional remote consoles provide automated discovery and centralized device configuration.


Cloud Management Technology

10ZiG Manager's Cloud Agent supports internet connectivity, enabling management of unmanaged locations, like small offices and home networks. End users deploying VDI, Session Virtualization, or Published Applications in addition to Managed Service Providers offering services such as DaaS, SaaS and UCaaS, are able to manage these endpoints via Cloud.


Organized Group Management

Whether manually or automatically populated, groups provide a simple, more logical way to configure, monitor and manage devices.


Web Based Management Technology

Manage all of your thin clients from all major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer without needing to install any additional software or components. It provides real-time status of all your thin clients from a single comprehensive page.


Security First

Utilizes HTTPS connectivity and has a secure login system verifying user credentials against your active user domain. Incorporates smart times for user inactivity and failed login attempts.


Robust Controls

The 10ZiG Web Console includes a thorough configuration tool to quickly change all of the settings. This also has nearly all the same features as the 10ZiG Remote Console as well as being able to use VNC with all thin clients.


Complete Integration

Connects to your existing 10ZiG Manager Server without any complicated setup. Detailed installations guide with pictures ensures the 10ZiG Web Console is installed right the first time.


We invite you to download and connect the 10ZiG Manager to your new or existing clients.

Prospective customers are also welcome to download our software should you like to explore our easy-to-use management platform.

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Looking for 10ZiG Manager installation help? Click here for our 10ZiG Manager Web Console Quick Setup Guide.