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10ZiG Announces ControlUp Integration to Optimize the Digital Employee Experience

10ZiG Announces ControlUp Integration to Optimize the Digital Employee Experience

LAS VEGAS, Nev. 10ZiG, a leading Thin & Zero Client hardware and software provider for VDI, DaaS, and Cloud, recently announced that both ControlUp Edge DX and Real-Time DX are now supported on 10ZiG Thin Clients. The combination provides customers with comprehensive, real-time monitoring, and unprecedented insights into usage on 10ZiG’s endpoint solutions. The companies will be showcasing the solution at VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas from August 21 through August 24, 2023, and VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona from November 6 through November 9, 2023.

This collaboration allows users to optimize their Digital Employee Experience (DEX) with immediate results such as delivering on the promise of fewer support tickets with many closed faster. Combining the expertise and innovation of both companies to deliver a comprehensive solution for optimizing DEX, this announcement will empower businesses to achieve a new level of performance, productivity, and user satisfaction within their digital transformation journey.

Clients will gain access to a powerful suite of tools and services that integrate effortlessly with 10ZiG’s state-of-the-art endpoint devices. These purpose-built endpoints, together with ControlUp’s advanced monitoring and management capabilities, will provide additional visibility and metrics into the overall VDI environment. Organizations will benefit from real-time insights and actionable data for swift decision-making, proactive troubleshooting, and efficient issue resolution, ultimately reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Key benefits of the 10ZiG and ControlUp relationship include:

  1. Enhanced End-User Experience: By leveraging ControlUp's monitoring technology, IT administrators can quickly identify and address end-user issues, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable computing experience.
  2. Simplified Endpoint Management: The integration of 10ZiG's endpoint solutions with ControlUp's management platform streamlines endpoint monitoring and troubleshooting processes, saving valuable time and resources.
  3. Optimal VDI Performance: With comprehensive performance metrics and actionable insights from ControlUp, organizations can optimize their VDI infrastructure for peak efficiency, resulting in improved overall performance.
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: IT professionals can make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data provided by ControlUp's monitoring and analytics capabilities, ensuring optimal resource allocation and utilization.

“With ControlUp now supported on 10ZiG endpoints, organizations experience the control that our DEX solutions can bring along with increased performance and security for a much better user experience in VDI environments,” stated Robin Brandl, VP of Strategic Global Alliances at ControlUp. “Blending innovation and efficiency, our collaboration sets the stage for immediate and impactful results, fueling success in the modern workplace.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased about leveraging the benefits of ControlUp monitoring with 10ZiG endpoints, whether new hardware or repurposed,” said Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG CTO. “Our extensive protocol and partner vendor support is what keeps us cutting edge, offering a full array of hardware and software services to our customers, and ControlUp is now a big part of that.”

Earlier this month, the companies hosted a webinar demonstrating how to monitor, manage, and optimize VDI environments to enhance digital employee user experience, control, and efficiency. A recording of the joint webinar is made available here.

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