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10ZiG Technology announces new, powerful build of no cost Manager software, incorporating Role-Based Access at Citrix Synergy 2017


May 23, 2017

CONTACT: Jamie Heinz
Director of Marketing
10ZiG Technology Inc.
(866) 865-5250

10ZiG Technology announces new, powerful build of free Manager software, incorporating Role-Based Access at Citrix Synergy 2017

Adds full-featured Role-Based Access functionality to new build of free management software. 10ZiG Manager now easily defines user roles, allowing administrators to completely delegate and control user actions in the software console. See a live demonstration at Citrix Synergy, booth #507, in Orlando, Florida, May 23-25, 2017.

Phoenix, Arizona – New version of The 10ZiG Manager incorporating full-featured Role-Based Access capability debuting at Citrix Synergy 2017, 10ZiG Technology announces.

This enhanced functionality allows administrators to delegate management permissions to support staff and groups, increasing network security by limiting access to key functions of the software.

The 10ZiG Manager software (Version 3.0) provides centralized ways to configure, maintain, control and report from all 10ZiG Thin Client devices for traditional managed networks (PEAKos™, Windows Embedded IoT, and NOS™). 10ZiG includes the software suite, with unlimited user licenses, free of charge with the purchase of any Thin and NOS™ Zero Client device.

Key features and benefits of The 10ZiG Manager Role-Based Access functionality:

1. Role-based Authentication: Using Windows user groups, administrators and technicians belonging to specified groups will be authorized to access the 10ZiG Manager console.

2. Role-based Authorization: Permissions to access the various management functionality will be granted or restricted based on the user’s group membership.

3. Privilege granularity: Permissions can be customized to best suit the demands of the management and support staff of the organization.

4. Custom Roles: The ability to create additional user groups and configure individual privileges is available for further granularity.

5. Database Policy Storage: To optimize storage and retrieval, access policies are stored within the 10ZiG Manager database. This also provides a centralized backup source for relevant configuration data.

Administrators can now setup groups within the 10ZiG Manager and allocate which group or specific user will be able to perform key functions in the console, like reboots, system naming, access to other clients, configuration and password changes, wakeups, shadowing, firmware updates, etc. This greatly increases network security and gives administrators peace of mind over sharing access to the powerful 10ZiG Manager. Restricting access frees up valuable time for administrators by allowing the delegation of simple tasks to other team members like routine maintenance, minor updates and technical support that might encompass “shadowing