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10ZiG Year In Review: 2012

10ZiG VDI year in review

10ZiG 2012 Year in Review:

Looking back at this past year, 10ZiG has made tremendous leaps forward in the VDI marketplace. Exhibiting at over 50 tradeshows globally, the10ZiG team, especially sales department, were kept occupied throughout the year. In 2012 we announced various product offerings in which have captured the attention of customers with ranging VDI deployment needs, after all 10ZiG is the path of least resistance. We thank all of our customers and partners for your loyalty and aid in our advancements.

10ZiG is ready to start 2013 with many exciting offerings and cannot wait to share them with you!


Tera2 PCoIP Host Cards - 10ZiG debuts the V1200-H and the V1200-QH host cards to accelerate productivity and provide heightened security to the V1200 Tera2 Zero Client Learn More

10ZiG at VMUG - Kansas City

10ZiG at VMUG - Holland


Barack Obama is elected for his second term for U.S President.

10ZiG at VMUG - Atlanta, GA

10ZiG at VMUG - London

10ZiG at VMUG - Portland, OR

10ZiG at Citrix User Group - Norway

10ZiG at VFORUM - Sydney, Australia

10ZiG at HECC Educational Summit 2012 - Indianapolis, IN

10ZiG at VMUG - Birmingham, UK


Hurricane Sandy swept through the Bahamas, Florida and moves toward the East Coast of the U.S, Hugo Chavez wins third term in Venezuela's presidential election, U.S unemployment rate drops to the lowest since 2009, San Francisco Giants win the World Series for the second time in three years

10ZiG releases the 5748c System-On-Chip unit Learn More

10ZiG now provides desktop re-purposing software, 10ZiG NoTouch Desktop Learn More & Try a Free Demo!

10ZiG at IPEXPO London

10ZiG at VMUG - Dallas, TX

10ZiG at VMUG - Leeds, UK

10ZiG at IBM Power Systems - Las Vegas, NV


26,000 public teachers in Chicago go on strike, 11th year anniversary of the New York City World Trade Center terrorist attacks

10ZiG integrates with Secmaker to provide Net iD Connector on all 5500, 5600 and 6000 Series Thin Clients for Linux and Windows Embedded Platforms Learn More

10ZiG at VMUG - Boston, MA

10ZiG at VMUG - Washington DC

10ZiG at VMUG - Chicago, IL


Hurricane Isaac hits the Gulf Coast

10ZiG introduces the V1200 next-generation Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client, the fastest PCoIP Zero Client on the market Learn More

10ZiG at VMworld 2012 - San Francisco, CA


Physicists find elusive key to universe particle, 2012 Summer Games open with actor Daniel Craig and Queen Elizabeth jumping from an airplane and parachuting into the Olympic Stadium

10ZiG at VMUG - Salt Lake City, UT

10ZiG at IBM System x Show - San Francisco, CA

10ZiG at Canto Caribbean IT Summit - Miami, FL

10ZiG at VMUG - Indianapolis, IN


United Nations declares Civil War in Syria, Morsi declared President of Egypt

10ZiG releases the 8848c all-in-one Zero Client for Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and VDI-in-a-Box, this is also the first Zero Client to support flash redirection and support for devices such as web cams and card readers Learn More

10ZiG at VMUG - Upstate NY

10ZiG at VDI-in-a-Box Demo Day - Oxfordshire, UK

10ZiG at VMUG - Philadelphia, PA

10ZiG at VMUG - Manchester, UK

10ZiG at VMUG - Seattle, WA

10ZiG at VMUG - Minneapolis, MN

10ZiG at VMUG - Oshkosh, WI


Facebook goes public with shares selling at $42.50 per share, Facebook makes third-largest public offering in U.S history behind General Motors and Visa, 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Northern Italy, Francois Hollande becomes President of France, Putin becomes President of Russia for the third time, HP announces planned layoffs of 27,000

10ZiG at VMUG - Farmington, CT

10ZiG at VMware Desktop Experts Club - France

10ZiG at COMMON User Group Conference - Anaheim, CA

10ZiG at IPEXPO - Kristamassan, Stockholm

10ZiG at Citrix Synergy 2012 - San Francisco, CA

10ZiG at May Days hosted by Arrow ECS - Atlanta, GA

10ZiG at VMUG - Charlotte, NC

10ZiG at VMUG - Central OH

10ZiG at VMUG - San Diego, CA

10ZiG at VMUG - Denver, CO

10ZiG at VMUG - Pittsburgh, PA


Dell buys Wyse Technology, Yahoo cuts 2,000 jobs to focus on users and advertisers

10ZiG at VMUG - West Palm Beach, FL

10ZiG at VMUG - Silicon Valley, CA

10ZiG at VMUG - Leeds, UK

10ZiG at Mosaic Virtualization Insight Summit - Portland, OR


Putin wins Presidential Election in Russia

10ZiG is now certified for Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and VDI-in-a-Box

10ZiG at VMUG - Austin, TX


Giants Beat Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, pop superstar Whitney Houston dies at age 48

10ZiG at VMUG - VMware Partner Exchange 2012 - Las Vegas, NV

10ZiG at HIMSS - Las Vegas, NV


Cruise ship capsizes off Italian Coast

10ZiG launches the Zignature Pad Learn More

10ZiG at VMUG - Foxborough, MA