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10ZiG® Expands Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PC Deployments Adding Teams Optimization Support for Linux Based Endpoints

10ZiG, a 20+ year hardware and software specialist vendor for VDI, DaaS & Cloud, has expanded Microsoft (MS) Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) & Windows 365 Cloud PC support on Thin Client endpoints.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – 10ZiG is happy to announce today further expansion with longtime technology partner Microsoft with news of Teams Optimization support on its Linux-based Thin Clients and Operating Systems featuring the Microsoft Linux RD Client. 10ZiG has a strong history with the Microsoft Linux RD Client, supporting its continual updates, and offering that up on a range of Client devices from task to power user, and a growing deployment base of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG Chief Technology Officer, “Microsoft Teams support within Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 deployments continues to be in hot demand, as workforces depend on this platform ongoing as their primary communication and collaboration tool. User experience, performance, security, and efficiency go hand-in-hand with these scenarios. Leveraging support of this via our NOS, PeakOS™ or RepurpOS™ Linux-based Operating Systems on 10ZiG Thin Clients or third-party hardware sets the stage to meet these criteria, offering the best in class through hardware, software, and customer support… that’s 10ZiG.”

What sets 10ZiG apart from others with similar offerings is not only the above-mentioned support, warranties, and services, but the responsiveness with its in-house 10ZiG Research & Development team who are fully dedicated to platform updates, testing, and diligence to success. 10ZiG works with enterprise groups of any size, from any industry, to create the best end user experience for Microsoft users with superb comms collaboration including connecting, calls, videos, screen-shares, and more.

The 10ZiG & Microsoft partnership integration continues to grow, as evidenced by today’s new and exciting expansion announcement. Thin & Zero Client endpoints have always been 10ZiG’s sole focus, so the scope of knowledge and customization runs deep in terms of hardware, management software, and repurposing software. The 10ZiG line up of hardware from task to power user, including mobile laptop Clients and All-in-Ones, and its software, are designed and positioned to be the best of what DaaS virtual desktop environments and Microsoft have to offer.

2023 is 10ZiG’s 20th Anniversary! Have you seen 10ZiG lately? > Power, Speed, and Performance of 10ZiG

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10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and software for virtual desktop environments – VDI, Cloud, DaaS & SaaS support. We provide leading Intel- & AMD- based, Dual Core and Quad Core Thin & Zero Clients for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Amazon WorkSpaces, and more, in addition to a wide range of PCoIP Zero Clients. Free, no-obligation demo devices, US & EMEA based Tech Support, and the 10ZiG Manager™ - our free management software solution with Cloud capabilities and unlimited user licenses - gives us our cutting edge. Learn more at www.10ZiG.com.

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