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January 18, 2018

The Wireless Thin Client; Why It Can Be A Really Good Fit, Literally…

Wireless Thin Client

Wireless Thin Client; Its Benefits Fit The Bill… And, More

As we know, a Thin Client is a lightweight, small piece of solid-state hardware designed for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. With these devices, everything in your desktop environment is stored on your server or data center, as they virtually replace individual PCs and their related individualized storage. The Thin Client is a low-cost, locked-down, small form factor device that saves energy and IT resources. Its management and deployments are easy and centralized via a software utility. Now, when a Thin Client comes with a wireless optional feature, a Wireless Thin Client … then, you have all of this and more.

When your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment offers a WiFi-based area network, the benefits of a Wireless Thin Client can truly be a perfect fit:
  • Fit for Logistics: Particular environments that are over-crowded or consist of cramped tight spaces, often with several required end users, find Wireless Thin Clients are just right for fit and logistics. The Thin Client remedies the space issue, but the Wireless Thin Client remedies it even more by not having the need for associated cabled wiring. “How do I get cable in there?