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July 03, 2012

Performance, quality and service – It’s time to select the best thin client option, says Kevin Greenway


Thin clients & Zero Clients are continuing to replace desktop PCs, or ‘fat clients’ (sometimes referred to as heavy, rich or thick clients), in many work and educational environments.

What are the very basic benefits of thin clients?

They are solving the growing management problem of PCs – businesses are seeing major benefits, reporting huge cost savings, increased security as well as significant increases in reliability and productivity. Thin clients also allow employees to work remotely more easily.

What environmental benefits do thin clients have over PCs?

They are energy efficient – utilizing thin clients greatly lowers the user’s environmental footprint through reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Traditionally a computer runs at between 65 – 250 watts and a thin client runs on average of 12 watts, so the difference is clear to see.

Thin clients also have a longer life-span which results in less wasted hardware. It is also important to remember the lower hardware costs – thin client hardware is cheaper than a PC’s, as it does not contain hard drive(s), application memory or a powerful processor.

What are the security benefits of using thin clients?

The levels of risk concerning data theft are massively reduced because the users’ data is stored centrally so the actual device is of no use once disconnected from the network

Thin clients also provide a secure environment for remote working because users access data over an encrypted network and are treated no differently from if they were located locally.

Thin clients also limit the vulnerability to viruses and other malware attacks. Users’ applications and desktops are stored centrally within the data centre, so the only data which is typically transmitted between the thin client are video, keyboard and mouse updates.

Which thin client models can 10ZiG supply?

10ZiG supplies all leading makes of thin clients at competitive prices, including Linux clients – 5572v,5672v,5682v and 6772v, XPe (WES) models – 5516v, 5616v and 6716v, WES7 models – 5617v and 6717vand zero clients – 8848v, 8848c and v9000.

Which is the best model for me?

Following a full consultation, 10ZiG will recommend which thin client is suitable for your needs. Each customer, whether it be a small business using less than 10 computers, or a large University using 1,000s, is advised with their specific requirements in mind.

If you require any further information on thin clients and how 10ZiG Technology Ltd can help your business, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01509 276252 or email: sales@10zig.eu