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September 28, 2020

Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest is Won by 10ZiG!

Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest Winner: Embrace the Digital Workspace with 10ZiG & Citrix to Create the Office Experience at Home


The Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest is open to all active Citrix Ready Partners across all Citrix product and ecosystem groups. Each year, Partners get a chance to showcase a product/solution that has completed the Citrix Ready verification testing process and is approved by the Citrix Ready Team.

Having enjoyed previous winnings, 2020 was no different for 10ZiG. 10ZiG is in good company, holding first place with fellow organizations... but it's story is unique. Explore the reasons why 10ZiG Endpoints are a great choice for Citrix environments, especially at a time when a seamless transition between office and home is paramount for any company.

The 10ZiG 6048qc features as a newly Verified Citrix Ready Endpoint Premium Zero Client supporting Dual Screen 4KUHD and many other features and hardware options.

Citrix Ready Spotlight Contest - Time to Celebrate!

ABOUT 10ZiG: 10ZiG offers Thin & Zero Clients for Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft, as well as other leading VDI vendors using Linux and Windows 10 IoT based platforms on x86 Intel/AMD hardware. Add in The 10ZiG Manager™ Server, and remote-working for your organization is a success! We are an endpoint provider that provides top-quality VDI endpoints, enterprise software, service, and warranties. You can reach us at sales@10zig.com or +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.