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June 19, 2020

10ZiG for Education VDI - The Classroom IT Solution, Onsite or Remote

10ZiG for Education - in Classroom or Remote

The IT Professional's and Teacher's Best Friend

We've all heard this phrase, gosh, we've all lived it - "It's a new world," and so it is for Education, also. We don't have to tell you that now more than ever, IT Professionals and Teachers alike, are relying on their computer set-ups at home or in any type of classroom that's remotely in session. Just as business professionals need to do business, Teachers need to teach! Not spend time having or troubleshooting computer and video problems.

As a longtime leader in Thin & Zero Client for Education, 10ZiG is very familiar with the challenges that IT departments in school environments are facing when it comes to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and related hardware, software, and communication platforms. Both Teachers and Students experience more focus, more productivity, and more learning with VDI and 10ZiG, whether in a traditional or remote classroom. Here's why...

A Remote Classroom Teaching Solution

Nothing offers you an enterprise classroom experience with value-class pricing like 10ZiG Endpoints with The 10ZiG Manager™ for Education, directly in the classroom or for remote set-ups. Alternative devices (like Raspberry Pi) can seemingly be on-the-fly, cheaper, quick fixes, but they are not fully functioning platforms. Even outdated devices and other Thin or Zero Clients out there that are lacking features won't support today's communication demands.

With 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client Endpoints and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) combined, remote management is easily set up and reliable, so deployment, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades can be achieved and even automated using The 10ZiG Manager™ enterprise centralized management software - whether traditional VDI, or VDI in the Cloud.

As Teachers, there are less issues to contend with, and as IT Professionals, you are in control of troubleshooting and monitoring any issues that may occur without having to leave your own location. Most importantly as students, the learning process improves!

A Video Classroom Student Solution

Like many, people in the Education field are also experiencing difficulty setting up and maintaining webcam and audio connection with video communications no matter what platform, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc, even in the VDI world.

IT Professionals, it's important to know that 10ZiG utilizes the Client directly from our Technology Partners like Citrix and VMware, allowing the inclusion of all of our Partners' features designed to enhance performance where video (webcams) and audio (headsets) are used. Instead of regular, typical USB redirection being used in a virtual desktop environment, they utilize RTV (for VMware) or RTME (for Citrix). Not to mention, RTAV/RTME are not supported by ARM, so equally no support for Raspberry Pi.

10ZiG has the ability to support RTAV for the use of webcams and headsets in all video conferencing solutions in a VMware for Blast Extreme Zero Client, as well as Citrix Clients with RTME support and Teams add-on, and more x86 hardware options. Add in The 10ZiG Manager™ Console, and class will be a breeze!

If you're struggling with any of the above and interested in an endpoint provider that provide top-quality VDI endpoints, software, service, and warranties for Education, consider a 10ZiG no-obligation, free demo trial.

You can reach us at sales@10zig.com or +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.