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May 18, 2020

The 10ZiG Firmware Update Repository - Have You Seen It?

Firmware Updates

Need Access to Firmware Updates and Releases From 10ZiG?

Did you know that 10ZiG has a file repository for firmware release notes and downloadable updates? A truly supportive tool in addition to 10ZiG FAQs, the 10ZiG Firmware Updates area is now available. It is the latest addition to 10ZiG.com and something you might want to check out...

"Firmware Updates" is Live and Ready for use!

Check it out for yourself > 10ZiG.com > Resources > Firmware Updates Here

On the landing page, simply click on your device category:

Firmware Updates 2

From above, you will be linked through to your category device page where you can select related "Current Firmware," "Current Release Notes," and "Archived Files" with both Firmware & Release Notes.

The first two selections are individual downloads.

The third selection is a combination of previous updates that can also be downloaded.

Have Questions or Need Additional Support for Firmware Updates?

In order to assist you in the fastest way possible, please request support with your specific 10ZiG office by clicking below. There can be up to a 12-hour time zone difference between our U.S. and European offices, so by contacting the right location directly, it allows us to respond to you in a more timely manner.


Your 10ZiG Firmware Update Support Teams

support@10zig.com (US) -or- support@10zig.eu (EU)