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March 20, 2018

Cloud VDI; Benefits of a VDI Environment in the Cloud

If you’re an IT professional in the world of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you’re certainly aware that traditionally-based networks including LAN, WAN, VPN etc., can manage and deliver quite good communication and connectivity via endpoints like Thin & Zero Client devices, etc. But, what about VDI in the Cloud? And, what are the benefits of a Cloud VDI environment, if any?

VDi in The Cloud Environment

Cloud VDI for Remote and Global Reach

What if small, or remote, or global locations with endpoints (like Thin or Zero Client devices) behind a Network Address Translation (NAT)-based router could connect and perform exactly the same way as traditionally-connected endpoints, as in above-mentioned LAN, WAN, and VPN networks etc.? What if, regardless of the number of communication streams, or lack of “traditional” VDI infrastructure, connectivity and communication were equally of good quality, safety, and more far-reaching? Here’s where the right Cloud VDI environment can become quite helpful.

VDI endpoints found in unmanaged locations such as small offices, home networks, remote set ups, or across the world for that matter, can now be deployed and managed very well within the Cloud. End Users deploying VDI, Session Virtualization, or Published Applications, in addition to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offering services such as DaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS, are able to manage endpoints situated in these unmanaged locations via Cloud VDI environmental support. The right Cloud VDI-supported devices and centralized management software utility empower End Users and MSPs to manage complete end-to-end solutions, regardless of endpoint locations.

Cloud VDI for Secure Communication

A VDI in the Cloud environment can offer the same endpoint communication functionality with unmanaged locations that is traditionally only found in managed locations. Cloud VDI can also provide the benefit of security including safe communication between endpoints and tunneling all communication through a single network port; data is controlled and encrypted as it is sent and received.

For example, with Thin Client hardware devices as endpoints and the right centralized software management Cloud utility… a two-way, bidirectional communication tunnel can be established via a highly secure websocket protocol, once the device discovery and registration process is complete. Endpoint communication becomes a two-way street, with communication coming from endpoint devices to a manager server, and a manager server to endpoint devices; all effectively, swiftly, and securely conducted through the Cloud, no matter what customer-chosen host platform…Amazon WorkSpaces, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Workspot, etc. Communication, configuration, shadowing (VNC), firmware updates, and more… become working Cloud VDI capabilities both with deployment and management (and even troubleshooting).

Cloud VDI for Deployment and Management Over the Internet

For VDI endpoint devices to connect, communicate, update, and more, in the Cloud… they need to have the ability to be managed over the internet; and, they also require the right hosting platform and centralized management software in order to do so. In keeping with the Thin Client hardware device example as an endpoint, our own 10ZiG Manager Centralized Software Utility was advanced to address changing requirements of Thin & Zero Clients to support connectivity via VDI in the Cloud, resulting in the development of the 10ZiG Cloud Manager.

Cloud VDI

10ZiG Technology recognized it was essential to support VDI Cloud-based endpoints. We made discovery, registration, and management simple… specifically on the Client side, where installation of a Cloud-based VDI endpoint needs to be as simple as possible; unboxing, plugging in, and then connecting a device, with no to minimal fuss. 10ZiG added our “Cloud Management Agent” to 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients, which is responsible for establishing outbound connection with the 10ZiG Cloud Manager. As a connection is established, all communications between the 10ZiG Cloud Management Agent and the 10ZiG Cloud Manager are secured via an SSL within the bidirectional tunnel (shown in above graphic). The featured addition with the 10ZiG Cloud Manager was the opening of a single inbound rule towards 10ZiG Cloud Manager, which permits the critical SSL-based tunnel between the Cloud Management Agent and Cloud Manager. The result? A truly pain-free approach, enabling End Users and MSPs to install and manage 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client devices regardless of their location, in the Cloud.

The 10ZiG Cloud Manager For Cloud VDI; a 4-Minute Overview

10ZiG for Cloud VDI

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