Why Nutanix & 10ZiG?

10ZiG Thin Clients are Nutanix Frame Ready

Hardware with Power, Speed, and Performance

For 17+ years, 10ZiG Technology has been an industry-leading Thin & Zero Client Endpoint provider for VDI & Cloud. Where 10ZiG differs from others is that we are solely focused on Thin & Zero Client Endpoints, which makes us Specialists. Our promise is that we make our product fit into the customer’s computing environment and not the other way around. The 10ZiG range of x86 hardware covers task-user to power-user, dual to quad screen, is TAA compliant, and comes equipped with quality-performing Intel and AMD processors. DisplayPorts, HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, Fiber (SFP ready), and Dual Band Wireless are just a few of the options that come with devices that are readily available, U.S.-based, and guaranteed. 10ZiG performance hardware is designed from the ground up for ever-changing user experience demands including Nutanix Frame.

Seamless Integration & Optimized User Experience

10ZiG PeakOS and Windows 10 IoT Thin Clients are validated as Nutanix Frame Ready. Powerful, yet energy-efficient, 10ZiG Thin Clients provide an optimal user experience when accessing Frame-powered apps and desktops, either through a browser or via the Frame App. Nutanix Frame is an industry-leading hybrid and multi-cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that enables enterprises to deliver virtual apps and desktops hosted in public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and on-premises on Nutanix AHV – all managed from a single control plane.

Custom Windows 10 IoT-Based Thin Client & Utilities

10ZiG Windows 10 IoT Clients come with several very powerful utilities that enable you to customize your Thin Clients to suit your needs and specific business requirements. The 10ZiG User Utility gives you the power to manage your device at a more granular level and either lock or unlock specific settings of the 10ZiG Windows 10 IoT Client. It is useful for work from home scenarios, where more flexibility is required such as accessing WIFI settings and or printers amongst other user-based settings typically restricted in a corporate environment.

Easy-To-Use Management via “The 10ZiG Manager™”

Free centralized management via The 10ZiG Manager™ - included free of charge with no user or device limit, unlike others that charge a license fee and ongoing support costs. The 10ZiG Manager provides centralized ways for automatic configuration, management via Cloud, LAN or WAN, scheduling of tasks, shadowing, and even reporting from all 10ZiG PeakOS™ & Windows based Thin & NOS™ (Zero) Client devices for traditional managed networks.

Customer Service Like No Other

Always a front-runner in many VDI advances, 10ZiG is able to quickly turn around updates and provide customers with quick releases of new versions of protocol updates. 10ZiG offers Windows customization, image preloading, custom development, and plenty more, providing an unmatched level of personalized service. Our no-obligation, flexible test device FREE DEMO program includes personalized follow-up. Pre-and-post Sales & Tech Support availability keep us cutting-edge. Support and firmware are also available for the life of the product - a truly valuable benefit you won’t find anywhere else.

Advance Warranty Without Hassle

10ZiG includes an industry-leading, unrivaled default product warranty of 3 Years Advanced Replacement. We guarantee and back our products. This includes quick turnarounds of any replacement device needed, and a prepaid return shipping label included - saving both time and money for customers. We like to make things easy and efficient. If your endpoint provider is not making a difference, 10ZiG Technology can!