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October 27, 2014
By illustrating the differences between Thin Clients and Zero Clients I hope to better define them as well.  Both are small form factor, solid state computing devices, specifically designed for a server based typology, currently generally associated with Desktop Virtualization (VDI) and Host Desktop Environments (DaaS), but they have many different characteristics that are important to distinguish. Below we will discuss the key differences between Thin Clients and Zero Clients.
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October 24, 2014
What is a TERA2220/2240 host processor? 10ZiG's powerful host processors enable you to move your Windows or Linux workstation into the datacenter and connect with a PCoIP zero client remotely without impacting application performance. Created for IT managers who are looking for an easy-to-manage, reliable, and secure solution to meet the needs of designers who have dedicated computers with graphically demanding applications and expect the highest in performance. What types of...
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