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April 08, 2014

The Death of the PC

Death of the PC

Originally named micro computers until IBM popularized the term ‘Personal Computer’, PC’s have come a long way in their lifetime. From the early days of Commodore 64’s and TRS-80s, the past thirty or forty years have seen PCs revolutionizing the way that we work. As with all technology though, its biggest challenge is keeping up with man-made evolution and I’m afraid that PC’s just aren’t the way forward anymore.

Step into any forward thinking, modern business today and there is a changing of the guard across the desktop. PC’s just can’t cut it anymore against lean, powerful, agile and agnostic devices offering a new and revolutionary way to access desktops and applications. PC’s are bulky, unreliable, power hungry and expensive to maintain and replace.

Welcome to a world where computing is more flexible, more accessible, more dependable and less prone to infection as we prepare to hold a wake for the death of the PC.

So why is the PC dying?

Sporting two shades of nicotine stained plastic, teak panelling and ahead of its time styling, the 1977 Apple II represents the early days of business computers. Since its invention, along with many other early PC’s, personal computing has followed a clear trend, gradually making computers more aesthetically pleasing, thinner, faster, more powerful, secure, and agile. The “PC on a desk