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December 13, 2022

End-of-Year Budget Available - Can't Get Hardware? 10ZiG has inventory!

Struggling to find endpoints for VDI, Cloud, DaaS, SaaS - or being quoted long lead times from Dell, HP, or others?

10ZiG inventory is stocked, our management software program is free, and we can help for 2023, especially if you're leveraging 2022 budget.

Your single line item quote will be ready in 24 hours - hardware, service, support, and FREE management software. We don't complicate things with hidden costs, addons, or subscriptions.

  • If you're working with non-10ZiG devices, we can help to crossreference part numbers for an easy transition
  • Flexible FREE demo programs, on-the-spot
  • Representatives and Engineers are ready to help qualify endpoints and answer all questions
  • Always FREE management software (10ZiG ManagerTM) without licensing costs or restrictions
  • 3-year advance replacement and default warranties included
  • U.S.-based support, development, production, and distribution
  • Endpoint devices for virtual desktop solutions


10ZIG 10ZI 4600q Series 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 106000q Series 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10Z 6100 Series ZIG10ZIG 10ZIG 1OZI Task Worker 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZPower User 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10ZIG 10 High-Demand User10


VMware Horizon / Blast Extreme / PCoIP / RDP
Citrix Workspace Ready HDX / Premium Endpoints
Microsoft Azure (Windows) Virtual Desktop / RDP
Amazon WorkSpace (AWS)
Workspot VDI
PCoIP Workstation Host Cards / Zero Clients
Nutanix Xi Frame
Parallels RAS

Got Software Covered? 10ZiG Thin Client Hardware for Third Party Software Providers

From task worker to high-demand user, 10ZiG has a range of Thin Client US-developed Hardware with short lead times to support third party software offerings. All of our hardware comes equipped with industry-leading Intel or AMD, dual or quad core processors, and includes an array of options such as DisplayPorts, HDMI, USB-C, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber (SFP Ready), Dual Band Wireless, Warranties, and more.

About 10ZiG

10ZiG is a leading Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and software provider for VDI, Cloud, DaaS, and SaaS. We provide leading Intel and AMD based, Dual and Quad Core Thin & Zero Clients for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and other environments. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, best-in-industry Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides for FREE, Cloud-enabled “10ZiG Manager™