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June 20, 2023

Lean & Green: Harnessing the Power of 10ZiG RepurpOS™ & Frame (now merged with Dizzion) to Deliver Sustainable Digital Workspaces

Demo Webinar > Lean & Green: Harnessing the Power of 10ZiG RepurpOS™ & Frame to Deliver Sustainable Digital Workspaces

10ZiG Technology, in partnership with Frame (now merged with Dizzion), is thrilled to invite you to this demo-filled webinar on how your organization can leverage secure digital workspaces as a solution for reducing e-waste and achieving your sustainability goals. We'll introduce you to 10ZiG’s innovative RepurpOS™, which is our proprietary Linux-based operating system that enables organizations to breathe new life into legacy PCs, laptops, and third-party thin clients, offering the same performance, security, and management benefits as 10ZiG’s hardware devices. Our friends at Frame, an industry-leading hybrid and multi-cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS), will then demo just how easy it is to deliver premium digital workspaces to users leveraging RepurpOS™, including in-session video conferencing, 3D/CAD and multimedia software, and secure access to files and data - all hosted in your public cloud of choice (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure) or Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why 10ZiG RepurpOS™ is the best solution for extending the life of legacy device.
  • Why Frame is the most balanced and compelling Desktop as a Service solution in terms of simplicity, flexibility, and functionality.
  • How Frame on 10ZiG can help achieve your digital transformation and sustainability goals.



Meet The Presenters:

Ruben Spruijt, Senior Technologist, Frame

This tough mudder travels the world spreading tokens of knowledge hidden in stroopwafel from the land of nether. Everywhere he travels, he shares information and sprouts understanding. He frames his experience so that others can learn the root of the End User Computing technology, and what is most important in life.

Yanhzhi 'Z' Zhao, Director of Product, Frame

Yangzhi 'Z' Zhao is the Director of Product for Frame. Z brings over 15 years of experience in the end-user computing space. He started his career within Citrix Consulting where he assisted hundreds of customers with their Citrix deployments. Prior to joining Nutanix, Z was SVP of Business Development for Cloud Nine, a Citrix and VMware partner. After joining Nutanix in February 2019, Z served as Americas Sales Director for Frame before transitioning over to product management. Z is a graduate of the University of Michigan and currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with his wife and son.

Kevin Greenway, Chief Technology Officer, 10ZiG Technology

Kevin has 25 years in the IT and Telephony industry. Kevin established his career in the field of Computer Hardware and Software, specializing in Windows and Linux based client and server based operating systems as well as Cisco networking. He established himself in the field of all things remoting, whether it be remoting SNA, H.323, SIP, TAPI or more recently the remoting protocols and codecs affiliated to VDI and DaaS. Before joining 10ZiG in 2012 Kevin specialized in earlier adoptions of Computer Telephony Integration, including predecessors to Microsoft Teams. Specifically Microsoft LCS and OCS for those old enough to remember! Kevin is the CTO for 10ZiG overseeing the company strategy and direction, via the Support and Development teams both in the US headquarters and the UK office where he is based. During his time with 10ZiG, Kevin has gained a vast knowledge of all things VDI/DaaS and of course his original skill set acquisition in remoting protocols. Kevin holds a degree in Computer Science as well as Microsoft and Cisco Certifications.

Jason Hudson, Technical Solutions Architect, 10ZiG Technology

Jason’s 30+ year I.T. background spans a variety of industries ranging from British Aerospace as an Analyst Programmer, ICRP UK as a Retail Systems Software Engineer developing polling interfaces for Fortronic card payment services, and a longstanding career working for Iceland Foods, as a Retail Systems Infrastructure Architect. In this role, Jason was responsible for the design, development, implementation, and ongoing management of over 900 UK stores’ retail infrastructure and bringing new technologies to the retail framework. Having worked closely with 10ZiG via Iceland for over a decade, Jason joined as 10ZiG Technical Solutions Architect in early 2021 and innovates in the creation and improvement of technical solutions, support, and content.